Five essential tips for group riding

Because more riders equals more fun

Five essential tips for group riding

By Alan Dowds

RIDING a long way with a load of mates is one of the best experiences you can have on a bike. Whether it's a flat-out GSX-R thrash to a WSB round in Europe, a lazy Harley cruise across the US, or an adventure bike ride into the heart of the Scottish Highlands, there's nothing like a massive road trip en masse.

You can make it even better though, with a few practical tips. A smoother-running jaunt will mean more time and energy for evening R&R, and you really want to avoid some of the common pitfalls. Here’s how to have a ball riding in a group.

1. Communication

If you're really organised, then Bluetooth intercoms will let you all chat away as you ride – many modern setups can communicate over hundreds of metres in good conditions. Failing that, make sure you all know of any hand signals you're liable to use – tapping the tank for a fuel stop is an obvious one.



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