2012 Triumph Street Triple sighted

Turns out that the 675-engined naked is loose in London

Whilst sauntering home from work the other evening, in a double-take I stumbled upon a 2012 Triumph Street Triple, the one with the 675 engine. Thinking that I had discovered a 'scoop' that this bike was being previewed in Islington I hastily took shots on my (un)smart phone - only to find out that the 2012 Street Triple has already been released to the streets of the UK.

Peers have described the new slanty lights of the Speed/Street Triple as 'looking a bit mongoloid' but I have to disagree. In my humble opinion I prefer the angular aggression from the modern design, but what do I know.

Admittedly, I was never won over by the original round-eyed lights of the previous incarnations of from the naked's family tree. They made the bike look like it was constantly surprised by everything it came across, even John Woo couldn't make the bike look mean with Tom Cruise bursting through flames in Mission Impossible 2. Again what do I know.

Andy likes it and so do I, that makes two. We can't be alone...

p.s. the new purple might be a camp colour, but it didn't look THAT bad.

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