WATCH: Dim-witted Corvette driver almost causes disaster for riders

The driver of this Corvette shows disregard for his surroundings as he attempts u-turn right in the path of a group of riders

Corvette Riders

There are many that say the physical action of piloting a motorcycle isn’t the hard part of riding, it’s keeping your wits about you to respond to anything thrown at you by your surroundings be it selfish drivers, phone-zombified pedestrians or erratic cyclists.

Even so, while you expect these incidents in the city where there are potential hazards everywhere you look, on the wide, clear open road you’d expect to be a little more freedom from the ever-looming threat of danger.

However – such is life - this is not always the case, as demonstrated by the driver of what appears to be a brand-new Corvette C8 wending through roads up ahead of a group of bikers, who in turn are keeping a healthy distance from the custard-yellow sportscar and by our judgement not exactly tickling the rev limiter.

And yet, from nowhere the driver up ahead decides he wants to do a U-turn – an illegal one at that – and drops the anchors all of a sudden and err to the left before briefly attempting to swing left, right in front of the group sending them scattering either side waving some understandable shapes of disapproval.

A look behind from the lead rider shows he does indeed complete his U-turn seemingly unaware of the havoc he came remarkably close to causing.

We can’t know what was going through the driver’s head at the time as presumably you’d hope he’d have checked his mirrors before he attempted this, though this raises the question whether he’d attempt such a dangerous move if a car was behind him. After all, we can see from the shot that they are in a flat, open road with excellent visibility so there is no reason not to have clocked the three bikes tailing him.

We’ve all been in situations such as this but it’s never anything less than frustrating when they happen… stay vigilant riders because drivers won’t do it for us.