New Generation Yamaha MT-07 in Development with Automatic Transmission

Patent filings reveal a semi-automatic transmission being developed for the Yamaha MT-07, and other bikes using the CP2 engine

Yamaha MT-07

A semi-automatic transmission is being developed for the Yamaha MT-07, according to recent patent filings. The system would also be applicable to other motorcycles using the 690cc CP2 twin-cylinder engine.

Published by Cycle World, the patents show that Yamaha’s system would use a relatively ordinary semi-automatic setup that completely removes the clutch lever from the left bar and the gear lever from the left footpeg, the latter being replaced by buttons on the left handlebar. The buttons operate actuators positioned above the transmission, and essentially allow clutchless, hopefully smooth, shifting.

The system is derived from the ACC-S system used on the 2006 Yamaha FJR1300, and Cycle World reports that it could also be used in a fully-automatic mode.

Yamaha’s system places the actuators on the outside of the transmission housing, and the control module that effectively turns the button presses into gear shifts on the frame, close to the headstock, and is shown on an MT-07 and a Yamaha R7. It is therefore possible that the system could make its way onto other bikes using the 690cc CP2 twin-cylinder engine, such as the Yamaha Tenere 700 and Tracer 7. The MT-07 in the patents is also indicative of an upcoming generation change, with new bodywork, air ducts on the fuel tank to feed air to the control modules for the auto-box, and an inverted front fork.

Recently, the Kawasaki Ninja 7 Hybrid and Z 7 Hybrid have both launched with semi-automatic gearboxes, and the Honda CBR650 is now available in a semi-automatic version using Honda’s E-Clutch system.

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