Watch as Speedway Rider Dives From Van Straight Into a Race!

The rider, Chris ‘Bomber’ Harris was running late for the race and, as the video shows, got there just in the nick of time

Watch as Speedway Rider Dives From Van Straight Into a Race!

Racers arriving late to the grid isn’t really anything new, be it F1 star Kimi Raikkone’s now famous “Sorry, I was taking a sh*t!” moment, or Joe Roberts coming around the final corner after the race had already started.

This video, though… we’ve never seen a racer jump out of a van that has barely stopped moving, while still putting on their riding gear, and dive straight into a race before!


The rider is Glasgow Tigers Speedway captain Chris ‘Bomber’ Harris, who it seems was running a little late for a showdown with the Oxford Speedway team. The video begins with the rather odd sight of a van heading at speed along the escape road at the edge of the track. The van skids to a halt and before it’s even come to a standstill the back doors are flung open and ‘Bomber’ bursts out, with his helmet on and still zipping up his jacket.

To the cheers of the fans watching on, he jumps on his bike and is reminded by an onlooker of only having ‘one minute’ to go before the start of the race. A quick push-start later and he’s off and warming up the bike out on the track. Quite literally, from the back of a van and seconds away from starting a British Championship Speedway race in under ten seconds.

Explaining the incident on his Facebook page, Harris explained that he’d been “Stuck on the M6 for hours” going to confirm he’d “arrived [at] Glasgow Tigers Speedway with literally 1 minute to spare”.

Talk about a close call!