Royal Enfield Global Tours and Rentals Go Live

More than 60 destinations in more than 25 countries offer customers the chance to sample their chosen Royal Enfield model

Royal Enfield Himalayan '450' - riding

Adventure is closer than before in 2024, as Royal Enfield launches a new global tour and rental program globally.

The news means that riders across more than 60 destinations, in more than 25 countries can book on and take off on a Royal Enfield model of their choosing. Tours and rentals are available in India, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand,  Morocco, Namibia, South Africa, Nepal, Bhutan and more.

To book either a rental, riders can simply head to  select a location, and a date to collect and return the bike, pick your steed and away you go - quite literally! For tours, it’s pretty much the same process, although customers should head to Here you can select where in the world you want to explore and select from a choice of pre-arranged guided tours such as the Himalayas, where we sampled the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, and even South America!

Bikes available vary by location but there are things like Himalayans (411s and 450s), 650 twin-powered bikes, and J-series machines such as the Meteor 350, and Hunter 350.

Speaking about the new program, B Govindrajan, CEO, Royal Enfield, said:

"Royal Enfield has long been associated with epic journeys of exploration, with enthusiasts traversing countries,  and continents on our motorcycles for decades. We believe we deeply understand the desire for adventure and to discover the world on two wheels. The Royal Enfield Rentals and Tours programme not only simplifies the logistics of motorcycle tourism, it also opens a world of new opportunities for those with the spirit of adventure in their hearts. With one of the world’s largest motorcycling communities, we believe this initiative will not just  fortify but also expand Royal Enfield’s global motorcycling family, fostering a deeper sense of camaraderie  among riders across borders."

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