Racing that Rossi can appreciate

1997 German 250GP battle between Biaggi, Jacque, Harada and Waldmann

After the thrilling racing from the World Superbikes at Donington Park, a certain Mr Rossi tweeted his approval of the action that had just appeared on his TV screen. However, Valentino expressed that MotoGP racing has become much more boring - a sentiment that will likely be agreed by the rest of us.

Until MotoGP dusts itself off and finds the excitement again, YouTube has a deep archive of great racing battles. Such as the one above from the 1997 German GP, featuring a four-way battle between Max Biaggi, Olivier Jacque, Tetsuya Harada and Ralf Waldmann.

Fantastic Japanese commentary too, when was the last time we heard Toby, Julian, Steve or Charlie get that animated about a race. Catalunya, 2009?

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