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Sam Creedon-Gray

Group Commercial Manager

From her first experience going pillion at 31, Sam has been obsessed with motorcycles. She spent four years within motorcycle magazines in a purely sales capacity before getting the opportunity to use her long-neglected skills, whilst helping keep the lights on at Visordown. With qualifications in journalism and content creation, Sam enjoys fettling with videos or writing in her spare time. She has also featured in the MCN publications Just Ride and Get Into Biking 2021.

Taking advanced rider training with the IAM and Rapid Training, Sam is always keen to increase her skill set but prefers to ride alone. Due to personal commitments, spending days just enjoying the ride are no longer possible, but Sam still wants to experience that sense of freedom whilst running errands or travelling for work.

Being a hippie and a Millenial Sam loves retro, and is drawn to anything electric. She owns a 2001 Honda CBR600FS, which she adores.

Articles by Sam Creedon-Gray
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  This brilliantly brisk bike is a welcome update to the Zero Motorcycles range.   
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