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Content Editor

Alex has grown up around bikes & scooters, sharing a love that has passed down generations from his dad’s Vespas from his mod days, his cousin’s sports bikes, to his uncle’s choppers and bobbers in Finland. Motorcycles run in the family, and now Mr. Strange is riding the latest and greatest... Read More

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Junior Content Writer

Alex has been working in the motorcycle industry for as long as he has been at Visordown, which has been since March 2022 so we'll let you work it out from there. He's the new guy. He'd be fetching us all coffee 'round the clock if he wasn't based in the arse end of nowhere. We joke - he has (... Read More

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Group editor
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To say I am a veteran of Crash Media Group, would be something of an understatement. 

Indeed, I have spent almost half of my life with the company in variety of different capacities and roles, combining an exuberant passion for motorsport from a young age -... Read More

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Group Commercial Manager

From her first experience going pillion at 31, Sam has been obsessed with motorcycles. She spent four years within motorcycle magazines in a purely sales capacity before getting the opportunity to use her long-neglected skills, whilst helping keep the lights on at Visordown. With... Read More

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Head of Content

Simon (AKA Toad) has been working within the motorcycle industry for more than twelve years, and a member of the motorcyclist family since birth. Growing up around British-built single and twins, it was inevitable that a life on two wheels was on the cards, from a very early age!

... Read More