Richa Richa Apache Camo Motorcycle Jeans | Product Review


More comfortable (and better looking) than my ‘normal’ clothes.

These slim-fit stretch cotton, denim mix combats (with Dupont™ Kevlar® fibre) are not only comfortable with 160hp between my thighs or sat on top of an electric scooter, but also sat cross-legged on the floor.

The D3O® Ghost Knee protectors are slim and nearly invisible and are adjustable if your knees are higher or lower than the average rider. There are seven outer pockets with zips, buttons and depth, so the concerns of your house keys chinking down the road are a thing of the past.

These Richa Apache Camo Jeans are surprisingly warm. They don’t ride down, so no frozen lower back, and there is safety stitching all over the jeans, so the wind didn’t find an entrance and the elastic slim fit at the lower leg to create a fitted look.

I tried to find something I don’t like about them. But as someone who has spent her riding life dressing like a leather and denim potato, it is liberating to find riding gear that not only fits, it fits better than my ‘normal’ clothes. Long have I dreamt of clothing that I can wear on and off the bike. I have always picked safety over style, so I found I took the car when I could take the bike. If I didn't want to look like a leather potato when I arrived.

An ideal fit and fashion-forward, these are a hip accessory to anyone’s wardrobe. [Editor note: You’re showing your age.]

Price: £199.99

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