Sorrymate Q&A | Get your legal questions answered!

Sorrymate Q&A | Get your legal questions answered!

Visordown has teamed up with Sorrymate, the specialist motorcycle law firm to answer all your burning legal and post-accident questions.


SORRYMATE is the specialist motorcycle law firm set up by bikers for bikers. They are specialists in an already niche field and concentrate on the kind of cases that would baffle your average solicitor.

With such a wealth of legal expertise on tap, we wanted to tap into it, and answer some of the burning legal questions the Visordown office has always wondered about but never known where to turn. And then we got to thinking, let’s open this up and let the Visordown audience get some answers to their own legal dilemmas too.

So, have you previously had a legal experience and want to know if the outcome could or should have been different? Have you always wondered what would happen in a certain situation and who would be at fault? Or, has a friend or family member been let down by a solicitor recently and you’re looking for some advice? This is your chance to air those questions, and more importantly, get some answers.

We will be holding a live Q&A with the Sorrymate team on 16 June at 7pm. Before then though, we need you to send us the questions you’d like us to put to the team. You can DM us on Facebook and Instagram, or email Sam on If you're feeling brave you can ask us live...

Join us on Thursday to hear the answers to your question!