Product Review | Sealey Motorcycle Helmet & Gear Tidy

Motorcycle helmet and gear tidy, without two helmets and a jackets

Mould, damp clothing and missing items, we’ve all had nightmares trying to store and dry kit. And after a rather expensive leather jacket went mouldy, Sam decided it was finally time to try out some motorcycle storage.

Like a lot of people I had my kit in any spare drawer, box or peg in the house (jackets with the coats, jeans and leathers under the bed and helmets on top of the wardrobe and with the potatoes). Over the years, this has caused irrevocable damage to some lovely pieces of kit (jacket went mouldy, lid knocked off when someone was getting potatoes and lost gloves).

At about £45, the Sealey Motorcycle Helmet & Gear Tidy costs less than you’d think and yet it has protected and collated my kit. No more missing gloves! Apart from the liners I ‘safely’ stored for winter.


Is it easy to install?


I hung this on a sunny Sunday when my daughter was at her grandmother’s, and the Other Half and I had been down the pub. After a few pints, I decided that DIY was the best thing I could do with my spare time. Once I had the correct tools (you will need a drill) it only took a few minutes to install.

It is sturdy and the design means it fits under my stairs. The powder-coated steel has corrosion resistance, so I feel comfortable that it won’t rust in my old, damp house.

Is it easy to use?

Once you’ve installed the shelves, get a couple of sturdy coat hangers, hang up your clothes, and walk away. Walk back, put on your kit, and go riding. Repeat ad infinitum.



Does it hold a lot?

There is plenty of space for my Ruroc ATLAS 4.0 lid, my gloves and I have my airbag vest, my favourite jacket and trousers hanging, which means I can change and head out without rummaging through boxes under my bed. The gloves shelf also means I no longer store my gloves in my lid, which I have recently found out is incredibly unhygienic (dead bugs...)

The one lid capacity Motorcycle Helmet and Gear Storage has a hook that could be used for keys or bags. I could easily hang up my Oxford Heritage backpack if it was empty and damp.



Shelf capacity: 18kg

Hanging rack capacity: 10kg

Depth: 350mm

Nett Weight: 2.83kg

Width: 490mm


Easy to install, easy to use and my kit is protected. What more could one ask for? Sealey Tools also offer helmet and helmet and jacket hooks if you're really short on space.