Roadskin Roadskin Taranis Elite Women’s Riding Jean | Product Review

Roadskin® Taranis Elite Women’s Riding Jean

Sam’s first pair of single-layer riding jeans that don’t feel like they’re going to come apart. Or don’t actually come apart at the seams. These are the Roadskin Taranis Elite Women’s Riding Jean

Roadskin’s Taranis Elite women’s are AAA-rated, single-layer riding jeans that don’t sacrifice a flattering fit for safety. CE approved, with Level 2 armour, plus they’re triple-stitched to stop any potential splitting from the COVID 15. Who am I kidding? To prevent any potential splitting from sweets, cakes and crisps.


These jeans hug and hold in the right places. They even have the waistband higher at the back to stop that exposed patch of flesh that comes with some riding trousers. They don’t restrict getting on or off the bike, and I could swing my leg over an Adventure and a Sports bike without restricting any of my movements.


The Roadskin Taranis Elite are comfortable, with a fit like a pair of high street jeans, and the tapered bottoms meant my boots fit underneath. The only downside is due to my personal taste. I am not fashion-forward, and I will admit I dress like a 15-year-old emo boy, so the cut is more fashionable and fitted than I would like. I like to put my jeans inside of my boots and high tops.

Roadskin Taranis Elite Women’s Riding Jean

This is a style I recommend for commuters (no longer have to change at the office) or anyone that doesn’t want to look like a motorcycle rider. I love the angel wing motif on the rear pockets and the double belt loops for attaching top layers. Plus, they come with a canvas storage bag because you can never have enough shopping bags.

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