A pair of riding trousers that make you feel good on and off the bike is a rarity. And these are hen’s teeth.

MADE of polyester cotton and spandex, the A-rated Richa Kodi Leggings hold you like a toddler clinging to your legs. Lined with a 100% Aramid Fibre inner layer, I have worn these a lot, and they still fit well and, more importantly, no sagging. 

The stretch, high waist is supportive and firm and prevents the frozen back that most of us have experienced when trousers ride down. Although, there are belt loops if you would like a little more security.

I feel more connected with my bike in these. These have hip protection and D3O® Level 1 in the knees, which didn’t slip, and I felt less restricted than some of my other motorcycle gear.

I have worn these in the two extremes of British weather: I wore them in the stifling, muggy heat, and they weren’t unbearable. Warm, but not so much I melted. I also wore them in the rain whilst sitting on a scooter, yet they still dried quickly.

It took me a while to find something I didn’t like. The only downside depends on what you wear underneath them. If you lean towards boxers or large underwear, then you’re fine. If you prefer thongs (or less) then the armour pockets can chafe a little.

Overall, these are a comfortable and safe pair of riding leggings, and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a snug fit that doesn’t squeeze your waist or hips on or off the bike.

Price: £169.99

To buy locate your nearest Richa dealer in the UK.