Your complete motorcycling detailing from Alpha Bikes

Introducing the Alpha Bike cleaning regime | Detail your bike like the pros!

Six bottles of Alpha Bikes products

The self-proclaimed Alpha in Motorcycling Detailing has a range of specifically formulated products. Whether you are short on time, effort or want to get into every nook and cranny, you can protect your pride and joy from rain, sleet, salt and snow.

Alpha Bikes | Pro detailing, at home

Alpha Bikes Alpha Clean Motorcycle Wash

Alpha Clean (£9.97)

A Ph Neutral, biodegradable all-purpose bike wash. Suitable for all surfaces, including plastics, rubbers/seals, and metals. So no concerns if you’re one to splash everything about like a toddler cleaning their parent’s car (she’s not allowed near my bike).

Bottle of Alpha Bikes Alpha Protect motorcycling protection

Alpha Protect (£11.97)

A highly concentrated and potent hydrophobic (water-repelling) sealant. Essential for all all-year-round riding.

Alpha Vision (£7.97)

A water-repellant for your visor, increasing your visibility whilst riding during wet weather. Regular use builds up a strong barrier.

Bottle of Alpha Bikes Alpha Wash motorcycling cleaner

Alpha Wash Shampoo (£9.97)

Alpha Wash Shampoo offers deep cleaning without stripping existing layers of wax and protection. Ideally used after their Motorcycle Snow Foam, a concentrated cleaner for releasing grit and grime, designed for a lance or a manual pressure pump snow spay (also available from Alpha Bikes). There is something particularly satisfying about sudsing up my bike until it’s completely white and spraying her clean.

Motorcycle Cleaning Kit (£49.97)

If too much choice has you paralysed, then you can get the full range of easy-to-use cleaning products essential for every bike or scooter owner in the Motorcycling Cleaning Kit.

Get your Complete Motorcycling Detailing Kit and make your bike the alpha of the road.

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