This is The Weirdest Crash We Have Ever Seen!!!

A pair of Indonesian motorcyclists have crashed through the roof of a property after the bike they were on lost its brakes and left the road

This is The Weirdest Crash We Have Ever Seen!!!

Indonesia is a country that hoovers up motorcycles, and in 2022 there were an estimated 125 million of them buzzing around the Southeast Asian country.

This extremely high number of bikes means that bike crashes are not a rare occurrence. This one might be though, after a rider and pillion have ended up crashing through the roof of a property after losing control of the bike and leaving the road.


The two women, a rider and passenger, seemingly lost the brakes of the bike on March 13, leaving them with no other option than to travel straight on, hitting a verge and ending up lodged into the tiled roof of a nearby property. Luckily the pair avoided dropping into a gap between the house and the earth bank, which would likely have ended up being much worse, although they did manage to get the bike stuck in the building roof!

The nation loves bikes so much, Jorge Lorenzo even did a victory tour there after winning the MotoGP World Championship!

Fortunately, despite Indonesia’s sad lack of enforcement of motorcycle helmet laws, the rider and passenger seem fairly unharmed in the incident, and the video you can see below shows helpful (and probably bemused) onlookers helping to get the pair to safety. 

Motorcycle helmets are indeed compulsory in Indonesia, although having known people who have ridden there, you wouldn’t know this when riding around the country. Like many Asian nations, motorcycles are a favoured form of transport in the country, and as such it’s not uncommon to see entire families of five or more people hitting the road on a small-capacity motorcycle completely devoid of any safety equipment.

Given that the girls in this clip seem to be wearing nothing more on their feet than flip-flops, and both without helmets, the fact that they are reported to be not seriously injured after their Eddie Kidd tribute jump is nothing short of miraculous!