This Honda Motocross Bike Has Saws for Wheels

Few motorcycles are made for riding on ice, but it turns out that one very simple modification can turn your bike into a winter weapon

Honda CRF250R saw wheel. - CboysTV/YouTube

Have you ever wanted to ride your motorcycle on ice, but felt you didn’t have the right equipment? Well, here’s what you need.

First, a motorcycle. (We’re only here for revelations.) Second, a circular saw. Third, a second circular saw. Then, simply remove the two wheels in your standard motorcycle, and replace each with the circular saw blades.

Now you have an ice-ready winter weapon, capable of tearing up any frozen lake in your vicinity, ripping its way up an ice-covered hill, or maybe even making a wildcard in the FIM Ice Speedway World Championship.

An experiment into the use of saws as wheels was carried out by CboysTV on YouTube, by taking a Honda CRF250R motocross bike (a fairly handy machine given the successes of Jett and Hunter Lawrence in the the250cc class of US motocross and supercross), and doing exactly as aforementioned: removing the standard wheels, and replacing them with saws. Boreas knows how you’d dyno’ the thing.

The result, as you can see in the video above, is a remarkable combination of high-traction, high-speed ice skating and a 40bhp-ish tree saw. 

As such, we fully expect to see a horde of saw-wheeled dirt bikes descending on the Amazon soon to speed up that glorious deforestation process a little more. It’s an amount of potential that can’t be ignored.

Although, of course, that would rather reduce the need for a motorcycle that can ride on ice. It’s give-and-take, we suppose.

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Image credit: CboysTV/YouTube.