Electric motorcycle given inline-4 soundtrack in new Hollywood movie ‘The 355’

Seen in a clip from new Hollywood movie ‘The 355’, a Super Soco TC Max electric motorcycle is given the soundtrack of an inline-4 motorcycle…

The 355 Super Soco given inline-4 motorcycle noise
The 355 Super Soco given inline-4 motorcycle noise

Hollywood has always blurred the lines between fiction and reality - or here, between the combustion and electric motorcycle. It’s not a new phenomenon, and we tend to give the directors a bit of creative licence to create their ‘perfect vision’ for our entertainment. 

But sometimes the world of Hollywood fiction can push the lines too far - at least, for those of us that get a bit irate about sounds not matching machinery in films. 

In a short clip from the film, we see ‘Marie Schmidt’ played by Diane Kruger making her escape with ‘Mace’ (Jessica Chastain) in hot pursuit - who also seemingly pulls a silenced pistol from thin air. We’ll save that one for another day. 

Watch the combustion Super Soco TC Max in 'The 355'

Schmidt unwittingly collides with a passing motorcyclist, who’s atop a popular electric motorcycle: the Super Soco TC Max. The electric motorcycle falls to the ground with a combustion raw emitting from within.

Realising her opportunity, Schmidt then takes her chance to commandeer the motorcycle and make an escape, spinning up the back wheel and setting off on a pedestrian-dodging sequence lasting all but 8 seconds, when Mace fires a single bullet that is capable of catapulting Schmidt down the nearest Metro entrance. 

I’m not sure if that was her intended route anyway, rather than make the obvious decision to get on the road and lay down all 5 kW of max power from the 125cc equivalent. The phrase ‘where we’re going, we don’t need roads’ springs to mind.

Another favourite movie trope appears too, where a vehicle travels about 10 metres at a slow pace yet seems to shift up a 6 gears in the process. 

But what’s going on here? Why dub combustion growl for an electric motor? 

Super Soco TC Max The 355
Super Soco TC Max The 355

Why is the Super Soco TC Max given a motorcycle exhaust note in The 355?

There are a few reasons I can think of.

First of all, if the audience sees a motorcycle, they’ll instinctively assume that motorcycle will make the normal noise. If it was completely silent, or if it just made an electric whine, they may be wondering what’s gone wrong with it.

super soco tc max wheels
super soco tc max wheels

Electric bikes may soon become the norm, but until that day it’s probably easier for the post-production to insert a generic bike sound and be done with it than someone explain ‘this is an electric bike, and doesn’t make the normal broom broom noise’.

Second, it’s easier for the film crew to use a silent electric bike. Less noise on set means post-production has less to worry about and voiceovers, gunshots, and other diegetic sounds can be recorded. Plus, it’s common for electric machinery to be used on sets. Like the Batman batcycle in Glasgow

Third, Super Soco is a quickly-growing electric brand, and were no doubt happy to get their top-selling motorcycle on the big screen around the world - at the caveat of some 4-cylinder noise being dubbed in. 

So it comes down to cinematography, really. And after all, when has Hollywood ever really let reality get in the way of a good story?

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Source: Moto.it

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