Watch this: Billy Bolt tearing it up in his Moto Co Revolutions segment

We get a clip of Billy Bolt in prime beast mode with his segment for Revolution, an off-road Moto Co movie focused on the future legends of motorcycling.

Billy Bolt Moto Co Revolutions

BILLY BOLT is an animal when it comes to anything two wheels, and we’ve got a clip of him tearing it up off-road - you won’t want to miss this!

The full ‘Revolutions’ film, by Moto Co, is all about two-wheeled adrenaline thirsty riders with buckets of talent. It features riders Billy Bolt (of course), Dylan Fernandis, Kailub Russell, Bradley Slums, Carson Mumford and Weston Peick. 

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They all share some of their story of what got them on two wheels, what drives them to push themselves, and set new boundaries all whilst hooning about for our viewing pleasure.

From the Moto Co Revolutions site: 

“Revolutions celebrates the lives of those whose worlds simply revolve around stepping out of their comfort zone, having no boundaries and redefining what’s possible on two wheels. 
This film is dedicated to them — the visionaries, the indefatigable, the ones who never say die, and the ones who live a life consecrated to searching for perfection of their craft. 
Sit back, get stoked and enjoy our journey into the diverse minds of six of the sports elite.”

Billy Bolt - Champion Rider

He thrashes around on his custom Husqvarna FE 350, and he pulls off some incredible stuff - check out 2:16 especially. He won the 2020 SuperEnduro World Championship on it, after all. It’s not surprising he knows a thing or two… yeah that’s underplaying it a bit.

You’ll have to just watch his segment, it’s only 5 or so minutes, but it definitely got my heart racing. If you fancy the full movie, it’s on the major streaming services. 

It’s Billy Bolt's world, and we’re just living in it…