Two legends recreate Dumb and Dumber Aspen Motorcycle Tour

Complete with 4bhp mini-bike, the motorcycle tour from Dumb and Dumber has been completed

Aspen Dumb and Dumber

THINK of epic motorcycle tours from the silver screen – Easy Rider, The Great Escape, Quadrophenia… but wait, isn’t one of the most epically (stupid) missing.

That’s right, the legendary scene from the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber, a tale of two halfwits… I mean friends, who make it their mission to return a lost briefcase to its owner. What ensues is a story of daft laughs, slapstick humour and one of the greatest motorcycle road trips ever committed to film.

The scene takes just three minutes and sees the riders travel from Nebraska to Aspen Colorado. The reality of the trip was 382 arse numbing miles, seven gallons of fuel, two rear tyres and a top speed of 35mph – occasionally.

Speaking of the ride, Revzilla’s Zack Courts said:

“The rider triangle is more accommodating than it looks, thanks to Ari stretching the frame to match the movie bike. The seat, on the other hand, is worse than it looks and the paint-shaker vibration rattled our joints to numbness. Ari had predicted that the novelty of the bike and the journey would wear off after about 15 minutes on the road, but I’m not sure it even lasted that long. It was overcast and frigid, with no scenery in any direction. We rode along miles of barbed-wire fence, punctuated occasionally by a gate or a sign warning us not to trespass. On some motorcycles, the thought of open pasture might be appealing, but aboard our hog, it was exciting enough just staying on the straight and narrow.”

Considering the journey two riders complete was a real adventure – almost certainly more than most BMW GS owners will ever do – we at Visordown salute the two heroes of the hour. 

Pictures Revzilla – Common Tread

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