Trucker saves baffled scooter rider on M27 motorway

Watch as trucker comes to the rescue of confused scooter rider who's traveling along the M27 motorway at 20 mph!

Confused scooter rider

For those of you who aren't from the UK let me explain what’s happening in this video.

From the age of sixteen riders can complete there CBT (compulsory basic training) and ride up to a 49cc moped or motorcycle, which is limited to speeds of under 28 mph - for safety. Once these riders hit seventeen years old they can ride up to a 125cc motorcycle which is limited to around 14hp. 

What’s a given in this frightening clip is the fact that the young rider is on a restricted 49cc moped, leaving her no chance of getting up to speed on the motorway - which legally she should not be riding down. 

Luckily for her trucker KeeTee comes to the rescue, shielding her from the fast-moving trucks and cars flying past her on the M27. Top fella indeed. 

This footage raises some serious questions about 49cc mopeds on UK roads. Firstly I’ve always been of the opinion that 125cc’s are a much safer option of motorcycle, as they enable riders to get up to normal traffic speeds (eventually). Secondly, is sixteen years old too young to operate a moped on UK roads? 

I suppose it’s dependant on each individual rider, but a clueless and vulnerable rider on a slow 49cc moped seems like a recipe for disaster. And watching the video seems to reinforce this idea. 

During the CBT this rider was taught about not legally being able to ride on motorways, and the same applies to all riders who are on L plates. But we all make mistakes and take wrong turns. Some people driving off cliffs listening to the sat nav...

It just seems crazy that if it wasn't for the nice trucker, that one wrong turn could have cost this young rider her life. However, If she was on a 125cc she would have been able to get off the motorway in a much safer manner. 

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Although saying that, 49cc mopeds have their uses in and around town and are a nice unintimidating way to get riding. 

What do you make of 49cc mopeds, safe or unsafe? 

Chuck your thoughts in the comments below.