Stolen Ducati 996SPS found in the recycling

Ducati 996SPS recovered 12 years after being stolen from Australian Motorcycle News

Stolen Ducati 996SPS found in the recycling


A Ducati 996SPS stolen from Australian Motorcycle News has been recovered at a recycling tip in Melbourne - 12 years later.

The 996SPS was used by then staffer Mark Fattore in a superbike test back in 1999, following the test the bike was stored in his home alongside a Yamaha YZF-R1. That evening both of the bikes stolen from the garage and some excitement for the detectives who were investigating a bike racquet. 

Fast forward 12 years and Mark receives a call from the police regarding ‘an issue from a few years ago’ and telling the Aussie journo that they had found the stolen Ducati.

Writing on, Mark says: Apparently, some bloke saw the SPS at the Broadmeadows tip and bought what was left of it – an engine and chassis, both of which still look in immaculate condition.

"Unbeknownst to the buyer, he was buying stolen goods – a scenario that many innocent people find themselves in. Anyway, it kickstarted a flurry of correspondence that eventually led to the insurance company which paid out on the SPS.”

The fate of the Ducati 996SPS? “When asked if it wanted to take possession, the insurance company’s response was: ‘Leave it at the tip.’”

Reminds us of a similar case involving Visordown contributor Jon Urry when his stolen Fireblade ended up on a World Superbike grid!


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