Robbie Maddison performs motorcycle backflips 5,000 feet up!

Stunt legend Robbie Maddison has performed motorcycle backflips from a ramp suspended under a helicopter nearly 5,000 feet in the air!

Robbie Maddison backflip jump

MOTOCROSS and stunt riding legend, Robbie Maddison has nailed his most extreme stunt in just one take! Maddison managed to perform backflips riding an electric motorcycle after jumping from a custom ramp hung 4921m in the air!

Maddison’s stunt was part of a promotional push by kids electric dirtbike manufacturer Razor and it all begins with him performing some tricks on his full-sized bike in front of his two children. Naturally, his offspring are now desensitized to skills, as his backflips on terra firma barely raised a smile.

Flippin Out With Robbie Maddison

To up the ante, and raise a thumbs up from his hard to please kids, Maddison hoist a custom-built ramp nearly 5,000 feet in the air below a helicopter, straps on a parachute and take to the sky – all in the name of keeping his kids entertained – I’m sure the paycheck from Razor helped with that!

Paid promotion aside, the stunt is actually bonkers. Maddison was joined on the ramp by a skydiver and film-maker, who had to cling onto the underside of the ramp, only letting go just before Maddison passed the lip of the ramp. From there, Maddison only has gravity and the size of his cajones to guide him, as he performs what we think (it’s pretty hard to keep track) is five or six complete backflips!

Naturally, the trick wasn’t ‘landed’ in the traditional sense… Maddison did admit that the Razor used for the stunt was destroyed although other than that – and a torn calf muscle training for the jump – it all went to plan. Maddison and his free-falling camara person managed to pull this off in just one take.

Seriously impressive stuff!

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