Watch: 90-year-old reunited with his classic motorcycle after 60 years apart

An incredibly heartfelt and emotional video as 90-year-old Bill Zandbelt is reunited with his 1956 DKW classic motorcycle after 60 years apart.

Zandbelt reunited with classic motorcycle

Try to watch this without getting immense feel-good vibes. 90-year-old Bill Zandbelt is reunited with his 1956 DKW classic motorcycle after 60 years when his sons Vince and Reid are able to find the classic bike and film the reveal for us all to enjoy. 

With information from Nation Valley news, the 175cc two-stroke DKW was originally purchased in 1956 by Bill in the Netherlands. Riding it for four years in Deventer, Overijssel in Holland before he left to live in Canada.

“It gives me the great honour to reunite you with your long-lost buddy. This is your old bike, Dad,”

He left the classic bike to his brother, who in turn sold it on - his sons were able to track it down from a ‘Heim Jansen’ who had been working on the bike with 70,000km on the dial. 

It was all meant to be a joint celebration in April of 2020 for his 90th birthday and 60th wedding anniversary, but unfortunately Bill’s wife Wilhelmina passed away, and the bike was stuck in a cargo container for 2 and a half months due to bureaucratic customs issues (with a daily $150 storage fee). 

Watch the classic motorcycle reveal here: 

This pushed the reveal back, and plans had to be changed. But it was all worth it in the end, and the Zandbelt family has now got an heirloom to truly cherish - “It’s going to stay in the Zandbelt family.”

Isn’t it incredible the bonds that can form between man and motorcycle? Genuinely try to watch this without welling up a bit, what a brilliant story. The full video is here, if you want the full story. 

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