Road-racing POV helmet cam from Czechia is stunning

Watch as racer Sebastian Frotscher qualifies his Yamaha YZF-R6 for the Horice 300 motorcycle road-race

Road-racing POV helmet cam from Czechia is stunning

GERMAN based road-racer Sebastian Frotscher takes us on a lap of the Horice 300 road racing course that makes us want to grab our passport and tyre warmer and head out there now!

Since the dawn of the Go-Pro camera, we’ve been treated to some stunningly insightful videos from races like the TT and NW200. But we don’t see so much from our friends across the channel – until today!

This awesome footage was shared on Facebook by motorcycle racer Murtanio after he set a camera up on his friend’s bike while he qualified at an event at the 300 Zatáček Gustava Havla event. Murtanio couldn’t complete due to a crash at a previous event, saying on Facebook: ‘Due to my crash in Hengelo I was not able to ride in Horice at 300 ZGH. I went there to watch some racing and installed my camera at my mates helmet, Sebastian Frotscher from Team Schleizer Dreieck.

Those laps are from first quali, so they are not soo fast, but I think they are fun to watch. Especially with this mic setup ;) Hope I can fix my bike soon and ride it again soon :) Cheers!’

Sit back and enjoy!

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