Tiger chases motorcycle in India

A video has emerged of a fully grown tiger chasing down a motorcycle as it travelled along the road in Pambra, Wayanad India

tiger chases motorcycle in India
tiger chases motorcycle in India

A frightening video has been viewed on YouTube nearly two-million times showing a large Bengal Tiger chasing down a motorcycle that appears to be travelling at about 40mph.

The video, which has been confirmed as genuine by the fact checking website Snopes, shows a motorcycle rider and their pillion, travelling along a rural forest road in Wayanad close to the Nagarhole national park and tiger reserve near Kerala.

As the camera focuses on the undergrowth at the side of the road you begin to see the ominous outline of a large predator sprinting through the undergrowth towards the motorcycle. As the rider opens the throttle to escape the Tiger comes within a couple of feet of the back of the bike, eventually curtailing the chase and heading off back into the forest.

We guess that’s what counts for fast-food in Kerala!

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