Quality, efficiency, engineering… but did you know your Honda can also jam?

The Honda motorcycle range clears its throaty engines to turn orchestra in this clever - if maybe not so effective - attempt at singing a jaunty tune...

The Motor Song Honda

Here’s a good question for you… what is your favourite TV advertisement of all-time?

You might plump for the artiness of Guinness spots, or perhaps ‘you want a flaaaake in that, love’ or one day belly is gonna get ya…

But for me personally it is ‘Cog’, an advert for the Honda Accord back in 2003 that showed various parts of the car knock into one another consecutively in a variety of ingenious ways. If you haven’t seen it before or fancy a reminder, be my guest.. It’s spectacularly well done.

Point is, Honda has form when it comes to clever adverts and while this one doesn’t hold a candle to the commercial above, it’s a quirky little ditty for its Brazilian arm that turns its motorcycles in an orchestra of instruments, as though to showcase the diversity in its range.

Here everything from the Goldwing to the Fireblade, X-ADV and PCX scooter get involved on a skyscraping rooftop with their own rev-hungry violins, trumpets and triangles curated by a conducting DJ for a soaring tune named 'The Motor Song' as the sun comes up over the city backdrop.

We’re a little late in showing this (it was posted to YouTube in July to celebrate World Motorcycle Day) but it’s been a rich summer for fail videos, so you’ll have to excuse us.

Anyway, while we’re not entirely sure the execution is worthy of the premise, we appreciate its smarts and probably just about qualifies for being entered for the Eurovision Song Contest, so if anyone is seeking some inspiration...