Muscle-inspired Hyundai bike concept

Futuristic concept does away with the conventional frame and forks

Muscle-inspired Hyundai bike concept

SCIENCE fiction made various predictions for the transport in the 21st century, but bikes haven't progressed to jetting us through the skies, what was once is still around today - two wheels and the combustion engine. Inspired by the flexing of muscles is a conceptualisation of what a futuristic Hyundai motorcycle could look like.

Designed by Min Seong Kim, the idea for the Hyundai motorcycle is to 'evoke a fluidic sculpture from the upper and lower sections intertwined together'.

How the idea of muscles works on a motorbike is through the function of the materials used in the construction of the chassis, the whole body utilises tech that allows it to 'stretch and contract just like your muscles do' enabling steering to take place without 'assistive apparatus'.

In theory this means when the bike is cornering the entire body relaxes so that it can turn smoothly, and under acceleration 'it contracts to form a rigid body'.

Via: Yanko Design

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