Man Run Over By 376 Bikes to Break Bizarre Record

Most motorcycling records involve the person receiving it being sat on the bike, but this one goes a little bit differently…

Pandit Dhayagude breaks 'being run over by motorcycles' world record. - Pandit Dhayagude/YouTube

For most people, being run over is an undesired experience, and generally speaking something to be avoided, possibly at all costs. Not for Pandit Dhayagude, though.

No, this guy felt like being run over once was simply not enough. Instead, he sought to break a record for being run over the most successive times by motorcycles.

In total, Dhayagude, from India, was run over on 376 successive occasions by motorcycles to break this most bizarre of biking records.

Now, this was obviously an organised event - organised enough to have a Guinness World Records adjudicator turn up and qualify the thing as a valid record - and it is probably possible to assume from that, that there were some safety measures in place to avoid some kind of disaster.

But, in any case, Dhayagude lay flat on the floor and had 376 motorcycles ride over him. Sure, they had a ramp to go up and onto his chest, and another to come down from it, which kind of took a bit of the weight off, but they still literally rode over the guy’s chest! 376 times! And these aren’t 50cc mini motos, either, these are full-sized motorcycles, and among the heaviest bikes around at that, as only last-generation, 1,133cc, 256kg Indian Scouts were used.

You can check out the full record attempt in all its - erm - glory in the video above.

We think we’ll stick to the conventional wisdom of avoiding being run over at all costs, rather than push for 377.

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Image credit: Pandit Dhayagude/YouTube