Colin Furze builds a crazy pizza delivery bike complete with its own Pizza oven!

We’ve seen motorcycle adventurers over the years utilise a bike exhaust to either cook or keep food warm, but a motorcycle with its own pizza oven - that is a new one to us!

Colin Furze Pizza bike

The whacky machine comes via the mind of inventor and YouTuber Colin Furze, the same man who has already built crazy stretch motorbikes, hover bikes, drift trikes, and a ‘jet’ bike powered by a flame-spitting pulse jet.

His latest creation though is all about plugging a hole in the home delivery sector. It solves the problem of receiving a lukewarm and soggy pizza by turning the journey to your home into the preparation and cooking time. The bike started life as a venerable old Suzuki GS400, although to look at it now, you’d be hard-pushed to recognise it! And he didn’t just buy a little pizza oven and strap it to the bike with some ratchet straps, as is the way with his builds, Mr Furze utilises some advanced techniques like hydroforming and CNC machining to create the mobile cooker.

Once the oven element of the machine is built, Furze turns his attention to the bike, and as you’d expect, the GS400 wasn’t designed to carry a pizza oven plus two people! To accommodate the gas-fired sphere, the bike was stretched, and extending the frame of the bike is a process that creates its own series of problems. For one thing, the chain of the bike has to be massively extended, and rather than use off-the-shelf solutions, Furze turns to his CNC machine to build some chain tensioners and guides from scratch.


Once a quick test ride is complete, the final piece of the puzzle is to mount the oven and finish the machine with some appropriately aged woodwork for that ‘wood-fired’ look. 

To get a more detailed look at the techniques used in building the bike, check out the video above, it’s 20 minutes of your day very well spent!

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