KTM MotoGP bike drag races 1,400bhp Porsche and F1 car

Another drag race, another victory for the motorcycle. This time, Dani Pedrosa pitched his MotoGP bike against a Red Bull F1 car and a 1,000bhp+ Porsche.

KTM RC16 vs Red Bull RB8 vs Porsche 911. - CarWow YouTube

KTM has proven once again that motorcycles are the superior mode of personal transport in another drag race versus a couple of lowly cars, including a pitiful 1,400bhp Porsche and a hopeless Red Bull F1 car.

If you saw the Red Bull video from a few weeks ago, you will be well aware that a KTM RC16 is vastly superior to a 2012 Red Bull Racing F1 car in a straight line. In Red Bull’s video, they put Dani Pedrosa on a 2022 KTM RC16 and put him head-to-head with the F1 title winning Red Bull RB8, an electric supervan, a Ford Puma Rally1 WRC car, and a Citroen rallycross car. Obviously, Pedrosa and the RC16 smoked the competition.

CarWow decided to make their own version, but could only find a Porsche 911 to go up against the F1 car (driven by Liam Lawson before he was drafted into the Alpha Tauri F1 to replace the injured Daniel Ricciardo a few weeks ago) and the Pedrosa-piloted RC16.

Pedrosa, of course, was contesting this PR drag race between his 2023 MotoGP appearances, firstly in Spain and then at the recent San Marino Grand Prix where he challenged Ducati’s reigning World Champion Francesco Bagnaia for both the Sprint and Grand Prix podium.

His Red Bull PR jaunt, though, did at least result in two convincing victories. After the aforementioned Red Bull video, in which he trounced the opposition, Pedrosa went on to destroy both the F1 car and the 1,400bhp (detuned to 1,200bhp for this race) Porsche in the CarWow edition, with the Spaniard clocking a quarter-mile time of 8.6 seconds, 0.7 seconds ahead of Lawson’s 9.3 seconds, and a full second faster than the Porsche’s 9.6 seconds.

Lead image courtesy of CarWow YouTube channel.