First ride: Kawasaki Z900RS review

A retro bike that recreates a motorcycle we actually remember. But does the Z900RS go as good as it looks?


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Not a fan of the whole retro thing....want to go a retro. The whole 900 platform is a waste of time....I own a z1000 new shape which I love.the next logical step would have been to h2 power the z1000....khi would have cleaned I the only one that has noticed this.

Whether or not people know or even care about the 1970s Z1, this is a seriously good looking motorcycle.
The manga styling of most modern nakeds is tiring at best and ugly at worst. No one really knows what the manufacturers have been trying to achieve with sharp lines and angles. Lots of plastic covers never adds up to decent styling.
A naked H2 would be pretty pointless as well. 'Cleaned up'? Where exactly?
So you are the only one that noticed this. For a reason.

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Every modern bike nowadays seems like an entry to "How many odd shapes and sharp lines" can we cram per cm2 contest. When I look to a modern bike it has so many shapes that it reminds me when the car manufacturers are out and about test driving their new cars with those odd shaped paints... But then they do it exactly so you cannot recognize or memorize the final shape!!!
Yes, the retro styled bikes are for a niche, but who like to look to a motorcycle and recognize it and if possible, to marry it to the pedigree of the older models they tend to descend.

They are getting there with the styling now and maybe this bike looks even better in the flesh.
One problem is always the humungous radiators slapped on the front.
If they had less obsession with power outputs which generate heat they could have slimmer
and non intrusive rads. say running down between the exhausts which could be splayed outward.
Bit like what triumph have done with their 1200 twin.

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... as it is a 4 cyl engine, so 4 exhausts. :) Too much heat!

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£10,099 in green?

I cant find any pics of this one anywhere.

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How about page 2 of this article, Sherlock.