Best & craziest motorcycle viral videos of the week

From Michael Dunlop wheeling at the NorthWest 200, to the closest of close calls; we round up some of the best motorcycle videos on the net.

Honda CRF450L arttustenberg

We’ve collected some of the coolest and craziest motorcycle viral videos that are trending this week and put them in one handy place for your viewing pleasure. 

Let’s kick things off with one of the slickest wheelies of all time!

Dunlop at the NW200 

Stick Michael Dunlop on a BMW S1000RR at a road race and some serious magic happens. And although it’s not wheelie Wednesday this insane high-speed mid-turn wheelie is like something out of a video game. Road racers call it rear-wheel steering… truly spectacular. 




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CRF450L gets the Stunt Freak treatment

Finnish Stunt Freaks Team kits out a Honda CRF450L with some new graphics and Supermoto tyres, then sets @arttustenberg loose on the 2019 Honda machine. Although people say the 450L is underpowered if you're capable enough you can still full-throttle drift it around a corner, along with a load of other crazy sh*t. 




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Yamaha rider close call 

This Yamaha rider has an extremely close call with an oblivious driver at the wheel of a black Mercedes. The riders reaction couldn't have been more effective and preventing this gnarly accident as he breaks firmly in a straight line for as long as possible then without target fixating on the creeping vehicle swerves to the left to avoid a T-bone. Nice work sir, nice work indeed. 


Happy to be alive and not strapped to a gurney, the rider comically says to the creeper: “it’s good”. Something tells me not everyone would have been so polite after such an event...

Police stingers deployed to stop motorcyclists

Police in the UK tries to put a stop to what’s known as a ‘rideout’, whereby large groups of riders commonly on off-road motorcycles and ATV’s take to the streets - often with little or no regard for others safety or their own. 

So, in order to try and catch some of the perps the police deploy what’s known as a stinger (Stop Sticks in the US). Incredibly the first three riders, one of whom is on a quad, manage to bunny hop over the device and avoid capture. However, many of the other riders weren’t so lucky at not getting stung.




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What do you think of the tactics being employed by the police in this situation? Reasonable? Or excessive?   

Let us know in the comments below.