This 143hp GSX-R1000 powered quad is seriously quick!

We aren’t really fans of quad bikes here at Visordown, the lack of lean just doesn’t ‘do it’ for us. But a GSX-R powered quad with moveable wings?

This 143hp GSX-R1000 powered quad is seriously quick!

QUADBIKES aren’t really Visordown’s thing if we are completely honest. We see them as a machine for those that fear a lean angle – and what is life without lean? But this Suzuki GSX-R1000 powered quad bike is the exception to the rule!

Built by crazy Kiwi, Ian Ffitch, the machine is a 2002 BRM 1000 Superquad LT 500R/GSX-R1000 – nothing like a snappy name eh? It was built by 2 Way Industries to compete in the Race to the Sky event in Cadrona Valley in new Zealand, which is a gravel hill climb a bit like the old style Pikes Peak course.

With the machine being fairly easy to switch from gravel to Tarmac setup, Ffitch now takes part in hill climbs covering both disciplines such as the Leadfoot Festival where we see him in this video.

One of the most interesting factors with Ffitch’s creation is the addition of active aerodynamics, with the front wings moving when the full power of the front brake is applied. You can see the leading edge of the wings move sharply down to create a much more aggressive angle of attack, helping to force the front end of the machine hard into the track when breaking into hairpins.

With a healthy 143bhp on tap and relatively low weight, Ffitch and the Superqaud regularly take the scalps of much more powerful and expensive vehicles. Ffitch also claims the diminutive quad is capable of an eye-watering 140mph – not with me on board it isn’t!

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