World Superbikes is up for sale

WSB is up for sale and MotoGP owners Dorna have placed a bid to buy it

WORLD SUPERBIKES is up for sale and the owners of MotoGP have placed a bid to buy it.

Sources close to the current rights holders Infront Sports & Media estimate the sersies to be worth €1bn, while our sources say bids are closer to €600m.

If successful, UK-based Bridgepoint Capital - owners of Dorna, who currently own the rights to MotoGP - would also own the rights to the World Superbike series.

The current main stake-holder to the World Superbike series, multi-millionaire Andreas Jacobs wants to sell his majority stake in Infront Sports & Media agency to concentrate on his other ventures.

It is not known whether the World Superbike series would run under Dorna's management.

The date for closing bids is 20th June 2011.