Bayliss doubts Rossi's move to WSB...

...and claims that he already won the duel

Valentino Rossi has gone on record to confirm his ambitions to end his racing career in the World Superbike championship - a move that WSB legend Troy Bayliss finds doubtful.

After his time in MotoGP comes to an end, the hype for Rossi's future career plans involving the possible move to the production based championship started at the Ducati MotoGP night in Bologna. The move was then perpetuated by the Italian's BFF Uccio at the launch of his Moto2 team - he claimed the idea was 'concrete' that the seven-time champion would compete in WSB for two years - and Rossi recently went on an Italian chat show to say that his retirement plan includes a switch to what he calls 'the B series to MotoGP'.

But discrediting the potential for Rossi to 'retire' to World Superbikes legend of the series Troy Bayliss, speaking to at a recent show in Italy, said: “I’ve heard that in two years Valentino could finish his career in Superbikes, In the 2013 he’ll be the same age as I was when I started racing in WSBK, and he’s got the credentials, but I don’t think he’ll end up in the series.”

On the much hyped 'Clash of the Titans' talk of Rossi and Bayliss facing off in the desert for a one-off race, the Aussie added: “The duel? Vale is a phenomenon, but I won that duel in the Valencia in 2006, when I returned to MotoGP and won with the Ducati and he unfortunately crashed."

Speaking on the upcoming MotoGP season, Bayliss put forward his prediction for the champion: "For 2011 championship I see Stoner. I think he’s the strongest of the three Honda riders and those bikes are now a cut above the others.“