Aegerter banned from Most, admits 'simulating' injury to get race red flagged

WorldSSP leader Dominique Aegerter thrown out of Most event, admits 'simulating medical situation' after crash in order to get race red flagged after crash

Dominique Aegerter - Ten Kate Yamaha

WorldSSP Championship leader Dominique Aegerter has been sensationally thrown out of the sixth round at Most after admitting to faking a medical situation in Race 1 in an effort to get it red flagged.

The Swiss rider - title winner in 2021 and runaway leader in the 2022 standings after nine wins in ten races - was one of five riders caught up in a massive Turn 1 pile-up in Race 1.

Though there was no responsibility to be apportioned to Aegerter - with the blame instead falling on an errant Can Oncu - it is understood the 31-year old complained of needing medical attention while in the gravel trap.

When he was ushered off the track, Aegerter was checked by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at the Medical Centre, who declared him unfit for the remainder of the weekend due to the presence of possible concussion symptoms. 

On Saturday evening, Aegerter visited Hospital for further assessments, but on his return to the circuit on Sunday found himself under investigation for ‘simulating’ medical symptoms.

After discussing with FIM Stewards, Aegerter admitted to exaggerating symptoms in the moment so as to force stewards to red flag Race 1. The race continued without being stopped.

“Following a FIM Stewards investigation, FIM Stewards ruled that Aegerter acted in an unsporting manner by simulating a medical situation in order to delay the recovery process and thus force a stoppage of the race by red flag. 

“This is something that the 31-year-old Swiss rider admitted to with a supporting statement, submitted to the FIM Stewards. 

“For his unsporting behaviour, he has been given an immediate one race ban, which means he will not take part in Race 2 at Most.”

The collision and ban has had a huge effect on Aegerter’s title aspirations after Lorenzo Baldassari - who started the weekend 64 points adrift of the Ten Kate Yamaha rider as the only rider other than the Swiss to take a win this season - scored a double victory that reduces the gap to 14 points.