Vinales ‘constant – it’s a good feeling’

Maverick Viñales sounds a good deal more upbeat than team-mate Valentino Rossi regarding one of Yamaha’s new engines, stating its tyre management is strong.
Vinales ‘constant – it’s a good feeling’

There were mixed messages coming out of the factory Yamaha squad on Wednesday evening as Maverick Viñales talked up one of the factory’s new engine specs soon after setting the fourth fastest time at the MotoGP test at Jerez.

Viñales confirmed his feelings with one of the two new motors Yamaha brought to Valencia for its riders to try last week, with the first of those much improved in terms of engine braking.

Team-mate Valentino Rossi agreed, stating his preference for the same engine. But while the Italian said it was still nowhere near the improvement needed to fight consistently with Ducati and Honda, Viñales felt he could “keep really good lap times until the end of the life of the tyre.”



“Today [our work] was the engine,” stated the 23-year old. “The same test as in Valencia, trying to understand what is the way. this track is even more difficult for us than Valencia. Valencia it’s easier for us.

“We are being constant, with many laps on the tyre and I’m quite happy. The bike was working well. I think more or less the decision is in front [is clear] but we have to check.

“I prefer the engine with more engine brake because for my riding style it helps a lot. I don’t need so much top speed to make the lap time. Let’s see. I’m curious to see how it is if tomorrow we modify the set-up and we can be more competitive.

“It’s good. It’s good. We keep the tyres until nearly 30 laps so it’s a good feeling because still I can keep really good lap times until the end of the life of the tyre. I think still we can improve a lot with the electronics, with the base of the set-up.

“Now the engine works a bit different so the bike permits me to enter faster. I need to change a little bit the bike. Before I just needed to stop the bike, pick it up and go. Now I can be riding more naturally and maybe I can improve a lot the bike.”

Asked whether he was worried Yamaha may value Rossi’s comments over his won, he said, “No, I’m not worried. I’m not worried because I think my comments are very clear. We can see my comments in the data.

“Then it’s Yamaha that need to decide which engine. Finally they have the power to decide that. We need to give good answers, clear comments. I’m pushing and making good lap times.

“But I’m happy the engine is working a little bit better on the entry of the corner. That’s where I was missing last year.”

Wednesday was also the first day Viñales had the chance to work with new crew chief Esteban Garcia. “It was good,” he said of being reunited with the figure that directed him to a Moto3 world championship in 2013.

“It was good to remember. Esteban is a really good person. So we work well. We were on the top for a while before the Ducatis put the new tyre. I’m actually really happy with him.”