Rizla Suzuki unveil 2011 GSV-R

The livery that will coat the Suzuki GSV-R of Alvaro Bautista launched

The sole Rizla Suzuki GSV-R that will be contested by Alvaro Bautista this season has been unveiled.

Alvaro Bautista has shown flashes of brilliance in pre-season testing and the Rizla Suzuki GSV-R he will ride retains some similarities to previous years, with additional attitude thrown in to the design from Troy Lee Designs.

The 800cc GSV-R is now it's in final generation due to the change in capacity limit to 1000cc next season. Anticipating this the manufacturer have built the latest machine to be the most technological advanced version of Suzuki's MotoGP challenger. With a focus on the engine improvements have been made in the areas of horsepower, driveability and durability, as a result of the winter testing programme conducted by the team.

Adding to the upgraded engine specifications, the statement from Suzuki continues: "Suzuki’s Factory Engineers have also improved the chassis performance by significant developments to the stiffness balance of frame and swing-arm and have optimised the weight balance geometries from last season’s machine. These updates to the chassis have been paired with the most advanced ECU software ever used on a Suzuki Grand Prix machine, to give Bautista more precise traction and wheelie control without losing direct machine control or power, adding to the versatility of the GSV-R in all conditions."

Finishing off the bike with it's visual touches, the Rizla Suzuki GSV-R once again sees Troy Lee Designs revamp the Rizla blue with a new and revised livery ahead of the racing debut in Qatar on Sunday 20th March.