Dovizioso: ‘I would never team up with Rossi’

Dovizioso rules out a move to Ducati whilst Rossi heads their MotoGP effort

TYPICALLY the quiet one in MotoGP Andrea Dovizioso, interviewed in an Italian magazine, has spoken about his lack of desire to partner Valentino Rossi at Ducati.

“I would never accept to be teamed up with Valentino Rossi,” Dovizioso told MAX magazine, “It would be pure masochism. There is no room for anybody at his side, he takes it from you and he takes it all. When Rossi is ready to share the limelight it will be the end of his racing days.“

Known for shying from limelight himself, Dovi also criticised the attention lauded upon some of his other competitors: “There are racers who end up on the podium and those media hyped racers - and their media worth almost never corresponds to their sporting results. Simoncelli, Spies and Bautista are fan favourites, but they hardly know the taste of victory."

With regards to Ducati it appears that Andrea has seemingly written off the possibility of joining the Italian manufacturer in the meantime. The Italian has received offers to race on a Desmosedici GP next year and the idea of the 25-year-old riding for them in the future is not far-fetched, as earlier this month he said: "The idea is honestly attractive and fascinating to me, but I think it's a risk that doesn't make much sense considering that I believe the option will be open to me in another year, or further in the future.”

Dovizioso has not yet secured a ride for 2012 and is currently in talks with both LCR Honda and Tech 3 Yamaha for next season.

Via Twowheelsblog