BMW: 'Honda and Yamaha are killing MotoGP'

BMW to remain focussed on WSB until MotoGP's rule situation changes

BMW'S director for motorcycle sport, Bernhard Gobmeier, believes that Honda and Yamaha's strive for technical dominance in MotoGP is killing the sport and making it unappealing for the Bavarian manufacturer.

In an interview with Motosprint he said: "It's a complex problem. At this point we can say that the technical level in MotoGP is now extremely high and the investments required to be competitive are immense. If the situation does not change, then BMW will not be interested in joining MotoGP, unless the rules change…"

He placed the blame directly at Honda and Yamaha for the current issues facing the series, "I believe that Honda and Yamaha are killing MotoGP," he added.

"It's the truth, the Japanese have a different idea of racing. Their goal is to beat their rivals by leading through technology, if this war ruins the show, it doesn't matter."

According to Gobmeier, for BMW to enter MotoGP it needs to be more of a show, a business and an opportunity to entertain the masses.

BMW's only involvement in MotoGP so far has been powering the Suter machine ridden by Colin Edwards in the Forward Racing Team.