Biaggi: Rossi has no chance

The Roman Emperor issues a new decree

MAX BIAGGI has told Italian television that he believes that Valentino Rossi stands no chance of winning the 2013 MotoGP championship. 

In a statement to Sport Mediaset, former Superbike world champion Biaggi claimed that Rossi would not have any chance of achieving the title in 2013, concluding that 'only in the imagination could Valentino come back to win.'

He also appeared to suggest that Rossi has not earned his ride at Yamaha, on the current championship winning bike. He said: "Valentino Rossi is like Copperfield! [American illusionist David Copperfield]. Despite two bad years, he got the world champion bike!'

Biaggi's comments are the latest in a long series of tit-for-tat comments exchanged between the two Italians in a feud lasting years - despite numerous attempts to play down bad relations, Biaggi seems unable to resist diminishing his former rival.