Andrea Dovizioso takes swipe at Ducati MotoGP team with leathers

Andrea Dovizioso has amended his race leathers ahead of this weekends round of the MotoGP world championship

Dovi unemplyed

ANDREA Dovizioso has made his feelings regarding his team clear, as he updates his leathers prior to the Emilia Romagna round of the 2020 MotoGP world championship.


Previously Dovi’ has carried the word ‘Undaunted’ across his backside, a statement that makes it clear he is not intimidated or scared of any current MotoGP rider. For the next round of the championship though he’s be carrying the same font and style, although the text now reads ‘Unemployed’!

The change reflects his current status after he was unable to broker a deal for the 2021 championship with his current team.

The lack of a ride for 2021 could even mean that Dovi’ could sit out the 2021 season unless he can find a ride that suits him.