Rossi in talks with Ferrari Formula One boss

"A little of your style would not do badly in Formula One" says Ferrari bigwig

Rossi and Domenicali talking things through

HERE WE go again - the rumours are undoubtedly going to fly with this one, Valentino Rossi has sat down for a chat with Ferrari F1 GP boss Stefano Domenicali for an feature in the F1 Ferrari Magazine.

In it Rossi says that: "The difference between a car with four wheels and the F1 prototype is like a rally car and a MotoGP 800cc motorcycle. During a rally you don't get as tired as much as you do in a F1 car, the pace is a lot more tiring and you have to pilot the car with your whole body there is never a moment of peace."

In the article, Domenicali also fields a question from Rossi about whether the Italian marque has ever seriously thought about entering motorcycle racing. He answered: "I have always watched, right from when I was little, the racing and I still watch them today. It appeals to me, the way it is something to do with the lines of the bike and the style of the rider.

"A little of your style would not do badly in Formula 1."

We'll remind you that that's the head of the Ferrari F1 team telling Rossi, in a publication, that he would do well in F1...
Rossi then goes on to say that he doesn't really enjoy the F1 paddock atmosphere and that Schumacher is a good celebrity to have in the Ferrari camp. But to be honest, once Stefano said that to Rossi, we were so busy arguing about whether he actually will go to F1 still that we didn't really care about the rest of it.