MotoGP: Konica Minolta - Team Manager interview

Insightful interview into the Konica Minolta team morale

Interview with Gianluca Montiron " KONICA MINOLTA Honda Team Manager

What is your opinion of Nakano's results?

Regarding the results I'm not satisfied; this year we have lost the advantage that we had with Honda until last year and even if we had great expectations we need to face the results and to evaluate the second part of the championship that could determine the future strategy. I believe this year is a transitory period for us linked to the new technical revolution.

What is your opinion of the future ?

We are one of very few teams that has kept the same title sponsor for the last three years and we have been able to create a very good synergy with an attractive MotoGP programme with all the Konica Minolta branches around the world and they are integral part of our sportive project. My target will be to continue in this direction.

Can you give us your opinion on Shinya Nakano?

He is a very professional rider and a serious person. He is one of the last Japanese competitive riders and I really trust in his potential but a series of circumstances didn't give him the possibility to show his talent using Honda machine: at the moment he is not able to cover the technical problems.

What about your personal future?

My target for a long term programme will be to collaborate with a manufacturer; I'm interested to remain in MotoGP and also to do something for the future riders' generation.

Using all the experience I've acquired, also having worked several years in the Aprilia racing department, I'm very motivated to make a step forward now, creating an interesting sport programme. In the past we could discover some young talents as Biaggi, Rossi and Melandri, thanks to the investments of the Italian manufacturers committed in the minor categories and in the various national championships.

At the moment only the Spanish Championship is able to make young talents emerge thanks to the high competitiveness reached, so, it is necessary to look ahead and let a new rider generation grow through highly competitive championships.

This is my commitment for the future in a medium-long term. My goal is to create a sport project with a commercial vision for the investors of the different bike associations is essential as well as working in a direct contact with the manufacturers.