BSB: New rules released by MCRCB

New weight limits and a ban on titanium forks are just some of the new BSB rules

FOLLOWING agreement of the Directors of the MCRCB the following regulation amendment is announced for immediate application: Minimum Weight

4 cylinder motorcycles over 750cc up to 1000cc - 165 kg.

2 cylinder motorcycles over 750cc up to 1200cc - 172 kg (formally 175 kg)

2 cylinder motorcycles over 750cc up to 1200cc conforming to MCRCB Superstock engine regulations competing within the Superbike Cup - 168 kg (no tolerance).

The use of titanium in the construction of the front forks, the handlebars and the wheel spindles is forbidden. For wheel spindles, the use of light alloys is also forbidden.

During the final inspection at the end of each race, the machines chosen will be weighed in the condition they finished the race.

The established weight limit must be met in the condition the machine finished the race. Nothing can be added to the machine including water, oil, fuel or tyres.

At the time of the event, the weight of the whole machine (including the tank) must be not less than the minimum weight, with a tolerance of 2kg.

During the practice and qualifying sessions riders may be asked to submit his motorcycle to a weight control in the pit lane. (This will be done in such a way to disturb the rider and team as little as possible, but in any case the rider and team must comply with these checks).

The change in the regulations by MCRCB is in accordance with Article A.5 of the MCRCB Sporting Code.