On-road motorcycle tyre mousse system revealed for adventure bikes

Being stuck at the roadside with a puncture could soon be a thing of the past, as a motorcycle tyre mousse system for on-road motorcycles is announced


A roadside puncture is the bane of any motorcycle rider’s day. It leads to sometimes costly repairs, your bike being left off the road and, in some cases, much worse.

There is some light at the end of the low-PSI tunnel though, as Italian company Risemousse has developed a motorcycle tyre mousse system for use in on-road bike tyres!

The system is called B-Sure and is designed to enable the bike to continue after the bike has suffered a puncture. Basically turning your normal motorcycle tyres into run-flats.

The system comprises the doughnut-shaped tyre insert – referred to as the mousse and seen below – and a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that links to a small dashboard. The mousse fills the majority of the space where the air in a conventional tyre would normally site. A thin cushion of air sits between the mousse and the tyre – indicated in the pictures by the blue foam. If the tyre punctures, the air escapes and the rider is notified. Like the run-flat tyres found in the automotive industry, the mousse system allows the riders journey to continue to a place of repair – albeit at a reduced speed!

The tyre mousse system was developed primarily for the off-road motorcycle market, and one of the factors preventing the design from making the jump to everyday riding was the longevity of the materials. In the off-road scenario, a mousse should be changed after an advised amount of hours of riding. That’s not feasible with everyday road riding, and some that Risemousse has addressed.

It is claiming the B-Sure system is good for three years’ worth of use, bringing it in line with the maximum life span of an everyday rider’s hoops.

So far the B-Sure is being touted for the urban and adventure motorcycle sectors, and while a mousse may not be suitable for all motorcycle types – don’t expect a sports bike option anytime soon – for a lot of riders, an on-road mousse system might be just the ticket.

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