Remus Hypercone silencer for KTM 790 Duke

Smart Austrian slip-on cuts mass and adds power to smart Austrian twin

Remus Hypercone can for 790 Duke

SOMETIMES, THINGS just seem meant to be. We loved the KTM 790 Duke when we rode it last month. We've loved Remus's exhausts and end cans when we've tried them over the years. And we loved Austria when we visited it last month too! So - this slip-on Hypercone end-can from Austrian firm Remus, for the Austrian firm KTM's new 790 Duke certainly has the stars aligning for its launch.

Even better, the new pipe has some slick numbers too. Remus reckons it drops 1.6kg in mass over stock - not huge, but impressive when you consider the standard bike's featherweight construction. And finally, it adds 1.4bhp at 6,300rpm - not at peak power sadly, but then the stock engine's output is already excellent, and big top-end gains from just an end can would be tough.

KTM Duke 790 UK first ride

There are four options for the new can - shiny stainless or satin black finish, and in road-legal E-marked or non-E-marked race version with a removable db killer baffle.Stainless costs £492 and satin black is £532, in both race and road versions.

The Remus Hypercone is imported into the UK by Performance Parts Ltd. More info at their site here.