New Kovix alarmed disc and chain locks released

Wide range of security options to see off the baddies and keep yer wheels safe

Kovix locks

OKAY, NO lock can keep your bike 100 per cent safe from thievery. But you should still take all possible measures to protect your machine.

A smart strategy of layered security is a good plan - we like to put a lock on all three discs, plus the sprocket, and then a chain to a solid point too. A cordless grinder will still get through it all - but it'll take ages and be a faff for the crims.

Metropolitan Police video shows how easy it is to steal a scooter

An alarmed lock is a good plan too - if only so you'll hear it if you're within earshot, and can get the big stick out. So we're saying these new locks from Kovix are well worth a look.

There's a wide range of options from an entry level mini disc lock at £19.99 to an alarmed chain at £124.99, and while the cheap stuff will probably be easier to defeat - it still has to be dealt with by a thief, adding more time and effort to the job.

We like the 310mm U-Lock above (£114.99), which has a neat bare metal finish and a slim shape for easier carrying and less access for thieving tools, and the KD6 disc lock (£59.99) which has a 120dB waterproof siren alarm module built-in. Alarmed chain lock prices begin at £74.99 for the KCL8-120 (below), which features an ultra-strong lock unit that is welded to the 1.2M chain.

Some products in the range, like the KBL16 alarmed padlock (£94.99), are so tough that they are tested and certified to Classe SRA, the French security standard that is required by insurers in that country.

All Kovix locks come with numbered keys, which can be replaced by most key-cutters using a unique code, without needing to copy the original.

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