Pirelli Scorpion Trail III launched, set for 2024 arrival

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail III is the latest 'street enduro' tyre from the Italian brand, and is set to launch in the beginning of 2024

Ducati Multistrada V4 S on Pirelli Scorpion Trail II

The third generation of Pirelli’s street enduro tyre, the Pirelli Scorpion Trail III, has been launched, and is expected to arrive for 2024.

The new Pirelli Scorpion Trail III is aimed primarily at riders who prioritise road riding, but also enjoy some light off-roading.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail II.

The new tyre offers “improved road handling,” Pirelli says, as well as improved general grip, and better performance in wet conditions. Holding up under high weight loads has also been a focus for Pirelli, as has resistance to abrasion in off-road scenarios. Off-road has also been the focus of what Pirelli describes as an “aggressive” tread pattern.

In terms of the motorcycles at which the new Scorpion Trail III is aimed, Pirelli says that mid-capacity-and-larger (Pirelli quotes 400cc and up) motorcycles with 19- or 21-inch front tyres; these parameters being judged as indicators of a motorcycle’s ability to contend with both long journeys and off-road sections. Finally, Pirelli says that the tyre 1 “can best interact with the machine's electronic systems.”

Although the initial launch of the Pirelli Scorpion III range will take place in January 2024, a 17-inch front and 17-inch rear for ‘crossover’ bikes will complete the Scorpion Trail III range later in 2024.

‘Scorpion’ is Pirelli’s long-standing name for its off-road-capable tyres, in both the two- and four-wheel worlds. In the latter, Pirelli has been the sole tyre supplier to the World Rally Championship since 2020 and has a distinguished history with brands such as Lancia in the 1970s and 1980s, and Subaru in the 1990s and 2000s. In the two-wheeled world, Pirelli this year celebrated its 80th and 81st Motocross World Championship titles, thanks to GasGas’ Jorge Prado in MXGP, and KTM’s Andrea Adamo in MX2. At the recent 2023 Motocross of Nations, Yamaha’s Maxime Renaux used Pirelli rubber to take the win in the MX2-MX Open race, helping Team France to a dominant overall victory.

Lead image of Ducati Multistrada V4 S on Pirelli Scorpion Trail II.